Club History

The first official meeting of the Nashville British Car Club took place at Safari restaurant just off I-24 and Murfreesboro Road (now a Mexican restaurant). The Clubs founding President, JD Damon, had purchased a 1966 Jaguar Mark II from a customer at his repair shop in 1986. He then joined the Nashville Jaguar Society and became activities chairman. One of the NJS’s favorite events was a bi-annual gathering of British Cars. These extremely casual events were held at various parks around town and utilized a “come when you can” and “bring what you can” atmosphere.

JD would select a location, set the hours and then folks would bring their cars out, park for a while, chat with old & new friends then head home whenever they wanted to. One such gathering was held each spring at Elmington Park at the corner of West End Ave. and Bowling Ave. This high traffic spot generated a lot of interest for the NJS from people with all makes of cars and a large number of them were British. It was at these events that JD was persuaded to break away from the NJS and form the all-inclusive Nashville British Car Club in 1990.

The Club focus was driving events for the first few years with one annual business meeting. All member info was kept on 3×5 index cards and all contact was addressed by JD and his wife Cindy by hand. In the winter of 92-93 JD began publishing a newsletter 3-4 times per year by computer. It was around this time that the Club decided it should begin holding annual shows.

On Memorial Day weekend in 1994 the first annual NBCC Auto Jumble took place at One International Plaza at the old airport entrance off Briley Pkwy. The show was a huge success with over 100 cars and motorcycles in attendance. After 2 years the show was moved to the Union Station train shed downtown where it was held for the next 3 years. In 1999 the show became the kickoff for another major Nashville car event called Eurofest Nashville. This show encompassed all 17 European car and motorcycle Clubs in the Nashville area and in 1999 the Eurofest show was attended by well over 200 vehicles

In 2001 the NBCC made the decision to have its own British Car Show separate from Eurofest. So, in October the Club had its annual car and motorcycle show at Carton Plantation in Franklin and three years later the show moved to Pinkerton Park in Franklin. Currently the NBCC Annual Car show is held the 2nd Saturday of October at Centennial Park near the Parthenon. The NBCC show has always been well attended never dipping below 100 after surpassing that mark in 1994.

After 25 years in existence and 20 car shows many club officers, members and their cars have come and gone. But, through the ensuing years, the club has continued its original mission of friendly gatherings and support for the golden years of British Motoring. NBCC currently has 150 active members, supports monthly drives, dinners, events, tech sessions, an annual car show, annual Christmas Party, annual meeting and support for local charities.

The Nashville British Car Club has served its members and the Mid-South for over a quarter of a century and continues with the promise of keeping British motoring heritage alive through a shared passion for British Cars and the people that keep them going.